Whittle your waistline with this technique

We know – the battle of the bulge is a tough fight. No matter what you eat or how many days you hit the gym, it can feel like you are not making any progress towards a slimmer midsection.

Putting in time in the weight room can help you drop more weight around your midsection.
Instead of devoting the majority of your time to cardio, give the treadmill a break to keep your weight loss going strong.

girl lift

Check out the study that tells you why it works:

Gym junkies, this is the research you’ve been waiting for: Weight training whittles down stomach fat (and keeps it off) better than aerobic exercise. So keep clanking those weights, and let beer bellies be bygones.
Researchers studied the physical activity, waist circumference, and body weight of nearly 11,000 healthy American men age 40 and over. After comparing the participants’ change in activity levels over a 12-year period, they analyzed which activities had the greatest effect on their waistlines.
Weight training after weight loss prompts people to move more throughout the day. As a result, they burn more calories, and should thwart weight regain with the help of a disciplined diet.
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