Reduce your risk of disease and death with this workout

We all know that cardio is good for heart health, but it looks like it may help middle-age men prevent death from cancer too!
Two separate studies looked at cardio fitness levels in men and found some impressive results.

It seems that someone’s cardiovascular fitness level was able to predict what would happen with cancer – a full decade and a half beforehand!

You don’t necessarily have to run 6 minute miles, but improving your cardiovascular health could literally save your life one day.

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Cardiovascular exercise may be an important component to battling cancer, a new study finds.


Remarkably, even a minor adjustment in CRF can produce significant outcomes. Results were gathered from men running on treadmills and found that those who developed cancer and ran an 11.5-minute mile, compared to those just a half a minute slower, were 10 percent less likely to die of cancer.

Participants who had high CRF at age 50 also demonstrated a lower risk of developing lung cancer by over half, and colon cancer by over 40 percent, compared to men who had low levels of CRF.


“If I drop a match in a field of grass after it rains, nothing happens. If I drop a match in Los Angeles, it goes up in flames; so you need a receptive environment,” he said.

While this study only tested men, Agus said, “there shouldn’t be a major physiologic difference” for women.

Source: CBS News

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