Get strong, toned legs without weights

Strong legs are essential to all kinds of activities, especially as you age.

Think that leg day always involves weights? False!

There are many different ways to effectively strengthen your legs to improve performance and prevent injuries.

With a well-rounded calisthenics program, you can strengthen and tone your legs without lifting heavy weights.

This guide will help you focus on form and progressions to stay safe, as well as give you an awesome routine to start off your training.


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Having strong legs is a big factor in avoiding injury, especially into old age. It also helps with running faster, jumping higher, maintaining balance, and increasing the ease of daily functional activities. Doing leg exercises also helps in healthy weight loss, increasing bone strength, and building muscle.


Bodyweight exercises (calisthenics) are great because you can do them anywhere and then typically it doesn’t cost you anything to work out because you can make things work with almost anything you find at a park or around the house.

One of the key things to focus on with any workout routine is form and progressing to the more difficult versions of a workout. When it comes to form, really make sure you maintain it throughout the full set of each exercise. This will help you build a good mind body relationship as well as make you stronger. When we begin losing form, we don’t challenge the muscle or muscle groups being worked properly.


Try the one legged squat/Pistol Squat. This is a tough calisthenics move that many trained weight lifters have a tough time doing as well. There are proper ways and improper ways to do this. Having good form is always key to building strong muscles no matter what exercise you are doing. It’s one thing to be able to complete a rep, it’s another thing to be able to complete a PROPER rep. Callisthenics is about control, mind and body relationship and building deep strength, for this, you have to pay attention.

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