The Ultimate List of Fitness YouTube Channels

Everything you need to get in amazing shape right at home

Gyms are great, but nothing offers the convenience of working out in your own living room. The problem with most home workouts is that they can get boring – really, really quickly. Without a group or gym environment to motivate you, it is important to keep your home workouts fresh and exciting.

Whether you are interested in getting six pack abs, adding high intensity interval training into your routine, or taking a yoga class, this incredible list of the best fitness YouTube channels has you covered!

Try something new from any of these amazing trainers to make working out fun again.

Check out the list of the best fitness YouTube channels here:

You don’t need a gym to get your fitness on — in most cases, all you need is WiFi and a bit of floor space. Here are some YouTube channels you might want to subscribe to for workouts, fitness tips, or just plain motivation to get your butt into gear. Get it!


1. POPSUGAR Fitness (Class FitSugar)

Example video (above): 10-Minute Superset Workout to Max Your Metabolism
What else you’ll find: Tons of full-length workouts, sorted by time and type. Includes cardio, strength training, tabata, yoga, pilates, and more.


6. FitnessBlender

Example video (above): 10-Minute Abs Workout – At-Home Abdominal and Obliques Exercises
What else you’ll find: Over 450 free workout videos (generally between 10- and 40-minute workouts), and also short videos answering your fitness questions


8. Scola Dondo

Example video (above): The Kukere Workout
What else you’ll find: Dance workouts, recipes, tips and more. From her intro video: “I’m not here to help you look a certain way, I’m here to help you feel a certain way. So let’s get healthy.”

9. BeFiT

Example video (above): Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout
What else you’ll find: Tons of full-length workouts, featuring popular fitness trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Tara Stiles, Scott Herman, Bryan Tanaka, and more.


11. Women’s Health

Example video (above): 5-Minute One-Dumbbell Workout For All-Over Toning
What else you’ll find: Quick 5-minute work out-along videos; how-to move demos; workout descriptions; yoga moves
Editorial disclaimer: I used to work at Women’s Health, so I might be a bit biased. But I also know how legit these workouts are!


13. Men’s Fitness

Example video (above): 21-Minute Lunchtime Workout (note: It’s only 1:19 long, but will go through all the moves you need for the whole workout)
What else you’ll find: Workout overviews, fitness tips, training series

14. Six Pack Shortcuts

Example video (above): Crazy Six Pack Abs Workout
What else you’ll find: Mike Chang, owner of Six Pack Shortcuts, coaches you through tons of workouts (primarily focused on abs, of course).

15. Tone It Up

Example video (above): Hump Day HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
What else you’ll find: Short full-length work out-along workouts, workout series, and more.

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Image Source: Buzzfeed