Which comes first – weight training or cardio?

Hitting the gym regularly is a great start. When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, people have differing opinions about how to organize their gym session.

Some people believe you should never complete your strength training and cardio in the same session. Others think that weight lifting absolutely must come before aerobic exercise – or vice versa.

So who has it right?

This study dives into the debate to finally give us all an answer.

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Settle the argument with this helpful article:

Many dedicated gym-goers have heard that aerobic and resistance-style exercise should not be combined in a single workout; or if they are, that one or the other must come first. The theory behind these claims is that each form of exercise interferes, physiologically, with the other, potentially blunting the desired training effects.


Perhaps most telling, the order of the exercises in these studies was immaterial. In the 2014 study, the men rode and then lifted; in Dr. Phillips’s study, they lifted and then rode. Muscles, it seems, “can’t tell the difference,” Dr. Phillips said.

So don’t worry overmuch about which exercise comes when. “Just set up a workout regimen that happens to be convenient for you,” Dr. Phillips said.

Source: Well.Blogs.NYTimes

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