Quick Changes to Turn You Into an Alpha Male

Up your testosterone levels and increase your muscle building by tomorrow

Alright guys – it’s time to man up. Recent studies show that more difficulty building muscle and less masculinity isn’t all in our heads – men are losing many of the traditional “manly” traits due to lowering testosterone levels. This goes beyond the macho lifestyle.

Low testosterone is a real medical concern, leading to difficulties building muscle, losing fat, and inhibiting your sex drive. These lifestyle changes will rev up your testosterone levels!


Check out the quick changes to turn yourself into an alpha male here:

You’ve probably heard that eating fat doesn’t make you fat. And that’s true. But eating more fat—specifically saturated fat—makes you more of a man. Literally. Saturated fat contains cholesterol, which is a precursor to testosterone. And polyunstaturated fat (like you find in fatty fish such as salmon) is what you need to promote good circulation and blood flow—the things most important for erections. If you don’t eat enough of the right fats, not only might your body and sex life suffer, you could also have infertile sperm. Any questions?


We could spout off a bunch of studies that show why deadlifts are one of the best exercises, how they boost growth hormone within training, and basically how they build a badass physique. But any dude can deadlift. Alpha males? They deadlift from a deficit, by standing on a weight plate or small box. This increases the distance the bar must travel and makes your body push that much harder. The difference is minimal. But the results can be maximal.


We all enjoy the late-night showings of SportsCenter. But they play them again in the morning, so go to bed. When you stay up later, you increase the likelihood of binge eating, slowing your metabolism, and suffering from a less-than-stellar sex life (not to mention under-performing sex organs, too). That’s just what science tells us. You need more sleep. Make it a priority. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, men sleeping five or fewer hours a night experienced a 15 percent drop in testosterone. That’s a drop that should occur over 15 years.

………………..unless you keep high-intensity training top of mind, it’s easy to forget about it. Sprint, push a Prowler, or do other types of conditioning that test your body’s limits in new ways. This type of exercise—combined with diet—can improve your insulin sensitive and boost how you think and feel, and allow you to enjoy more foods.

Source: Muscle and Fitness

Image Source: Muscle and Fitness