Outsmart Your Genetics to Get an Amazing Body

You can train smarter to get the body you want – even if you’re “average”

Very few people have the genetic makeup to become amazing bodybuilders with flawless physiques in a few short years. Most of us are simply average – and that is okay. Even with average genetics, you can get the strength and appearance you want by troubleshooting common problems with your diet and training regimen.

These six tips will help you pinpoint the problems with your approach, and enable you to make the most of your own metabolism and body composition. These are the most common average-person problems with fat loss, muscle gain, strength improvements, and more.


Check out the six tips to outsmarting average genetics here:

You may not have been blessed with ”perfect” bodybuilding genetics, but don’t despair. These 6 tips will help you outsmart nature and achieve the body you want!

If you’ve been training consistently for five years or more and you’re not being hounded regularly to compete, model, or jump out of a cake at a party, you’re probably not the second coming of Flex Wheeler.

In fact, you’re probably just average.

“Average” isn’t some terrible affliction. Everyone has a certain “response potential” to resistance training, and for most people, that genetic potential is just average.


Issue 1 I can’t gain weight

Some folks are cursed with hummingbird-like metabolisms. They can pack away enormous amounts of food, then head to Vegas and lose three pounds in a weekend. Very often, these are dudes in their early 20s or younger.

The majority of mature lifters who have trouble gaining weight don’t have a metabolism issue—they have a lifestyle issue.



Alternate 2-3 big, solid meals with three liquid meals. Liquid meals are ideal because you can easily suck back a quality meal-replacement product with a tablespoon of good fat or a handful of nuts added.


Issue 2 I gain too much fat when I gain mass

Most older people can gain weight quite easily, but it’s usually more fat than muscle. The more weight they put on—despite working out—the worse the ratio seems to get.

This conundrum is thanks to less-than-ideal insulin sensitivity, a measure of how well the body metabolizes carbohydrates. Insulin sensitivity tends to decline naturally with age, so the older you get, the more uphill this battle becomes.



Leaner people tend to have better insulin sensitivity than overweight people, so the first order of business is to get lean and stay lean.


Issue 4 I can’t get a specific body part to grow

If you’ve been training for any decent length of time, chances are you have at least one weak body part that just won’t grow.

…………………damned curveball. You can change anything, such as exercises, machines, sets, reps, and tempo. If you want to focus on one change, my suggestion is to change your frequency.

…………………relatively “small” physique that looks more symmetrical can seem a lot more imposing than superhero shoulders paired with pipe-cleaner calves. For example, a developed set of rear delts gives the whole physique a more 3-D look while also making the triceps look bigger. Developed forearms and calves are like a cake’s icing on an otherwise burly physique.

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