Killer Morning Workout: The Sandbag Circuit for Your Whole Body

Get the body of a NFL pro with this challenging sandbag circuit!

Need to burn off the bad choices that come with most weekends? Give this challenging circuit workout routine a try!

You might not always reach for the sandbags, but using this equipment will challenge your muscles in new ways, leading to increased fat burning potential and greater muscle growth. As a bonus, sandbags help you in the functional fitness department, using much of the same muscles you do picking up your kids, moving furniture, or other practical, everyday tasks.

sandbag workout

Get the sandbag circuit for your whole body here!

It’s a matchup of two NFC teams fighting for wins in week 4 of Monday Night Football, as Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions (0-3) try to scrap out their first win against Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks (1-2). The Lions make the trip northwest after a lethargic loss against the Denver Broncos in week 3, while the Seahawks are coming off a much-needed victory after blanking the Chicago Bears, 26-0.

…………………full body strength that translates to everyday activities,” says Smith. “They mimic the unequal distribution of weight that we encounter on a daily basis, such as picking up our kids or moving a piece of furniture.”

…………………pushup position with the sandbag perpendicular to your body and beneath your chest. Perform a push up. Once you’re back in the starting plank position, use your left arm to drag the bag to the left. Perform another push up. Once in the starting plank position again, use your right arm to pull the sandbag back to your right.

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