Use this weight training workout for women to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals

Are you the cardio queen at your gym, regularly putting in time on the elliptical or treadmill in an attempt to lose weight?

While cardio workouts burn calories and may help you lose weight initially, cardio alone is not sufficient to sustain weight loss or boost your metabolism. For best results, add some weight training!

This simple guide gives you two workouts, video examples for each exercise, and a detailed four week training plan. You won’t believe the difference the workouts make – in just four weeks!


Check out the weight training plan here:

Are you cardio-ing yourself to death? Yes, running, cycling, and hitting the elliptical religiously can absolutely help you drop pounds—especially when you have a lot to lose. But, at some point, you’re going to hit a plateau, says Holly Perkins, CSCS, founder of Women’s Strength Nation and author of Lift to Get Lean.


If you’re new to weight training, don’t worry. Perkins created this four-week program to help you to build a solid foundation of strength training and shift your body into a new place after all that cardio. The really great news? You only have to do this routine twice a week. Each week, the moves will stay the same, but we’ll make the routine harder by changing the program variables (like rest, sets, reps, or load).

Put at least two days of rest between strength training days, but you can do cardio on those rest days (to be clear: cardio is not bad—it’s just not the best method for long-term weight loss or maintenance!)


Got it? On to the moves! Below, see demos of the four moves that make up Workout 1, and the five moves that make up Workout 2. Watch and learn, then mark your calendar—four weeks from now, you won’t believe how strong you’ll feel.

Source: Shape

Image Source: Shape