How to Make Rapid Muscle Gains this Fall and Winter

This guide has everything you need to know about bulking up the smart way

Winter workouts are the absolute best. The cold weather allows you to fuel your body and make crazy gains in strength and muscle mass without the distractions (and aesthetic pressure) of summer.

While everyone else is cozying up with holiday treats, you can be building an amazing body to reveal when the temperatures start to rise. In order to take advantage of the colder seasons, there are some basic principles to follow.


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But how do you take advantage of the sun going away? By building serious muscle, that’s how! Fall and winter is the best time to shift gears from just looking lean with a summer six pack to adding bulk in the form of pure muscle mass.

The following strategies will help you harness every muscle fiber you’ve got as you add size and improve your overall strength. There is simply no room for messing around with these plans. No distractions, just size – fast!


1. Go Heavy Or Go Home With The Basics.

What could be more obvious than lifting heavy when it comes to building muscle fast? Nothing I can think of! But, before you just go lift heavy, you need to be sure to hit your muscles with this heavy trauma using a proven scientific approach. Don’t forget, this isn’t your spring and summer workout. You’re going to feel this one for a while and your body will grow, not shrink. See for yourself!


What Can I Use To Gain Muscle?

  1. Use A Dumbbell

Want to build muscle? You may be surprised to hear that your greatest tool might just be a simple dumbbell. Taking the machine out of any movement removes the safety and stability that they were made for. That may sound like a bad thing, but it is actually great because without those safeties in place, you have to harness your entire body to move a weight, keep it steady and return it to the starting position. That’s a lot to ask of your body, especially from just moving a dumbbell. But if you do it right, you will become stronger than ever in no time!


What Do I Need To Do To Gain Muscle?

  1. Be Different.

If there is one thing I never understood about people going to the gym, it’s the belief that doing something different, unique or new is wrong. That’s stupid. If people only ever did the same things in the gym, we would all still be using the Turkish club and only the Turkish club. Sure, it worked, but we’ve evolved and made greater tools to building muscle mass. Following a trend that works for you might bring about muscle gains you never even expected. Go for it!


  1. Get A New Training Partner That’s Stronger Than You

I’m usually the person who tells people to train with others who have the same or similar fitness levels. I do this because people who are way ahead of you usually don’t have the desire or patience to help out others that are trying to move their level up.

………………..plyometrics? Sure you have. But for those of you that haven’t, here’s the simple definition: A short interval, high impact exercise where your muscles are forced to undergo stretches and contractions as you repeatedly jump. If you perform plyos, sometimes referred to as jump training, you can expect to not only increase your strength, but also your speed.

………………..immediate change in your performance in the gym. You will feel more energized and be priming your muscles for the muscle growth you need during those dark months for showing off your physique.

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