How it Really Feels When You Start Weightlifting

Every gym rat will instantly recognize these feelings

If you have started to lift weights regularly, you are probably aware that gym rats share some common habits – and struggles. As you shift from newbie lifter to full-on gym rat, you will notice how things change with your experience level.

Ever wish there was someone out there who understood exactly how you feel about this lifestyle? If you can relate to all of these, you can officially say you are a part of the weightlifting community.


Check out this hilarious article on how it actually feels when you start lifting weights regularly:

Ever wish there was someone out there who understood exactly what you’re going through now that you’ve started to lift weights? Behold, the ultimate rundown of what actually happens when you make pumping iron your happy hour.

1. Your body doesn’t like what’s happening to you at first.

sore2. But then you find yourself in the best mood ever, as those post-workout endorphins kick in.


6. And suddenly you realize cardio has become an afterthought.

7. And your idea of Heaven on Earth transforms to this:
13. Your selfie game is on point.

 17. Suddenly your life begins to revolve around your feeding schedule.


18. And protein is your new best friend.

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