Get Sexy and Toned Arms

This quick barre-inspired workout will help you slim down and tone up

Who doesn’t want shapely, toned arms that look great in tank tops?

Getting defined arms is a struggle for many women, though. It takes a combination of developed muscle and fat loss to get the look so many people desire.

This simple barre-inspired workout uses light weights in order to allow smaller arm muscles to participate while focusing on lengthening the muscle. No weights at home? Don’t worry! Water bottles can work too.


Read on to get the full barre-inspired workout for sexy and toned arms:

Who doesn’t want strong arms? You know, those shapely, toned arms that look great in a tank top. But the truth is, getting those lean, toned arms can be very difficult for many women. Because women have less testosterone than men, doing a few bicep curls won’t be enough.


Keep it light.

Although lifting heavy from time to time is very good for you, light weights are super helpful when it comes to getting that lean, toned look so many woman desire. Kristine Storie, from Xtend Barre recommends consistently using 1-2 pound weights for optimal results. She says, “The lighter weights allow the smaller muscles to participate, not just of the arms but of the upper back. Lighter weights also allow us to focus on the lengthening and extension aspects of the movement, while keeping the shoulders down and chest proud. There is no need to use heavy weights. Use your body’s own weight to create resistance and focus on proper form and proper muscle recruitment.”



  • Lift your arms up to the ceiling in a shoulder press, twisting your wrists at the top to face the palms out again. Then return down. Repeat 24 times.
  • Hold your arms in the front of your body at a 90-degree angle with the elbows in front of the shoulders (at shoulder level!).

………………..focus on your diet as well. Relin says, “Make sure you are taking in enough lean protein, vegetables and healthy fats and are limiting your carb intake (especially processed carbs). Diet helps you achieve your optimal weight and also have the energy you need to exercise effectively. You will be able to do more for longer periods of time – and you will see your body responding to all your hard work more quickly!”

………………..will merely shrink your current body, and this is assuming you don’t increase your diet as a result of your cardio. Keep in mind that cardio workouts — even intense ones — are not a license to eat whatever. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.”
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