Jump rope and strength training combine to give you one fat-burning workout you can do anywhere!

If the last time you jumped rope was in grade school, you are missing out!

This cardio favorite is essential when training boxers, but you can enjoy the metabolism-boosting and sweat-inducing results yourself. Here is one intense workout that will never bore you: jumping rope combined with strength training moves.

Using intervals of these activities, you’ll torch fat and get toned all at once. Even if you are a beginner, this article provides pictures and descriptions for every movement, so you’ll spend less time second-guessing your form and more time working up a sweat.


Check out the 30 minute jump rope and strength training workout here:

Today’s Get Fit 2015 Challenge workout mixes jump rope with strength training to boost your metabolism and maximize your calorie-burning potential. If you don’t have a jump rope, fake it and simply jump (or run) in place. This is a 30-minute workout, but you’ve got this! The program has been building up to this, and there are even a couple of minutes of active rest during the workout; stretching your quads has never felt so good.

………………..Take a large step backward with your left foot, coming into a deep lunge, and touch the floor with your left hand…………………

Source: PopSugar

Image Source: PopSugar