Incorporate these powerful moves into your training regimen to pick up the pace

Plyometrics, or explosive jumping motions, are known for building power and speed.

As a runner, they can even help you shave seconds off your sprint time and give you that extra boost in distance races. Not only will they add some bounce to your step, they will also help crank up the calorie burn to help you burn fat as you train.

This helpful guide to plyometrics for runners walks you through every step of safely and effectively adding these movements to your training plan, including a warmup and full plyometric routine.


Check it out here and start picking up the pace:

Want to pump up your pace? Jump! Runners who did plyometrics for two months shaved seconds from their sprint times, shows a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Thats like tapping into your legs rocket boosters.  Here’s how to go full throttle.


Go easy on the knees. For plyo benefits without the pounding, do leg-machine exercises like the single-leg press, hamstring curl, and leg extension (set to 45 degrees) with a quick movement up and controlled motion down. You can also do lunges on the side, front and back with a similar approach: Lunge with control, then finish with an explosive return back to start.

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